Layering for Winter

Layering for Winter

When it comes to layering, there are a few tips and tricks that I live by. Since I hate getting super hot, I thought I’d share how I layer in order to stay cool in those warm places…

I start with a basic neutral outfit. For example, a black or striped turtle neck + jeans + boots.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.18.14 PM.png

Next, I layer something warm and easy to take off, i.e. a cardigan, flannel, or sweater.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.21.33 PM.png

Then, I put on my outerwear, a coat, hat, and/or scarf.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 12.22.39 PM.png

When layering, I always make sure you can see the bottom layer. This is why I like to build on top of a long sleeve turtle neck. It is easy to make sure the neck and sleeve peek out ever so slightly. The turtle necks pictured are from Madewell, they’re nice and thin which makes them great for layering, then you don’t get too hot. They’re also easy to tuck and don’t add a lot of bulk. Pro tip: I always size up in coats in order to have enough room to layer.


Left to right:

Outfit 1: Similar Hat | Turtle Neck | Cardigan | Similar Coat | Jeans | Similar Boots

Outfit 2: Bandana | Turtle Neck| Flannel | Jean Jacket| Similar Coat | Jeans | Boots

Outfit 3: Turtle Neck | Similar Sweater | Similar Coat | Jeans | Similar Boots

*The Old Navy Sherpa Coat is SOLD OUT as of 12/19/19 which is why I didn’t link that one.

That’s it, it is really that simple! Don’t overthink layers, they are meant to be easy and basic. If you want tips on how I “cuff ’em, tuck ’em, and go” click here. I also mention pattern stacking in that blog post if you’re interested 😏!

Dressing for the Holidays

Dressing for the Holidays

The holidays can be stressful, from spending money to dealing with the absence of loved ones…it’s hard. I try not to worry to much about my outfits and whether or not they “look” holiday enough. Sometimes I think we get too caught up on this type of thing and forget to just be! That’s not to say I don’t buy anything or put effort in to my looks, but I don’t buy specifically “holiday” looks.

So, I teamed up with Lindsae Metz and Adriana Kincaid to bring you some Holiday inspired looks without the hassel!

P.S. Both of these ladies are amazing! I strongly suggest following them on the ‘gram and their beautiful blogs!


*Everything mentioned is TTS unless otherwise noted!

I try to shop my closet!

Monochromatic with a Dash of Holiday Cheer


Similar Top | Jeans | Boots | Scarf | Similar Bag

If you’ve followed along with me for a while, you know I LOVE a monochromatic look, especially a white on white/cream on white situation. I feel like white on white/cream on white can certainly pass for a holiday look (think winter wonderland). Thus, I paired my cream mock neck with white denim, a brown bag, and leopard shoes (because lets face it, leopard is a neutral too).

To pull the look together I added a simple “holiday” scarf! This scarf is so soft and cozy. Not only is it super stylish, but it keeps me nice and warm in the cool temps and is easy to take off when you get into a warm place!


Just add Plaid


Similar Top | Jeans | Similar Mules | Similar Bag

Another similar pair of shoes*

Plaid always reminds me of winter/holiday cheer! I am so happy I purchased this Loft top years ago! The neutral colors in it always remind me of Thanksgiving for some reason! I also adore the ruffled shoulders!

I paired this top with white denim to, again, go for that winter wonderland vibe! The sparkly mules remind me of New Year’s so I always try to wear them around the Holiday season! The great thing about this outfit is that most people own some sort of plaid in their wardrobe, so it’s super easy to duplicate!


For the Warmer Holidays


Top | Similar Jeans | Boots | Bag

I decided to throw in an outfit that could be warn in your warmer geographical areas! An easy “go -to” option for Holiday looks are jeans and a green or red top. I went with an olive green, because I don’t own a lot of “Holiday green” and since this is all about using what you have instead of breaking the bank, I went with it. I paired this top with slim-wide leg cropped pants to keep it cooler.

I added my booties since it is November/December! This is a simple outfit and can easily transition to a warmer outfit with long sleeves, a coat, and/or a scarf!


Jeans + a Scarf


Top | Similar Jeans | Boots | Scarf | Bag

Nothing screams fall/winter quite like a turtle neck! That’s why I decided to pair this black turtle neck with a plaid scarf and jeans to create a simple, no fuss outfit. Just add booties and you have a chic holiday inspired look!


Subtle Holiday Colors


Top | Similar Bottoms | Similar Mules | Bandana Scarf

Another similar pair of shoes*

If you celebrate Christmas, you know that red and green are “Christmas” colors and I don’t know about you, but anytime I pair those two colors together I always think of Christmas even if it’s July!

So, for this outfit I decided to take my green paper bag pants, black turtle neck, and red bandana scarf to create subtle Christmas colors! Just add sparkly mules and you have a true holiday look!


Slightly Dressy Vibes


Top | Bottoms | Similar Mules | Bag

Another similar pair of shoes*

I bought this dark green mock neck as part of my birthday present to myself from Madewell. I LOVE it, it fits just like my red and navy ones from last year! The color is a beautiful deep green and I decided to pair it with some black pin checkered pants and sparkly shoes to go for a slightly elevated look.

This would be perfect for a holiday office party! Not to mention these pants feel like PJs!


I hope this helps. I tried to use staple pieces that a lot of people have in their closets! Let me know if you replicate any of these looks by tagging me or using the hashtag #budgetandbrunch





The Holiday Gift Guide

The Holiday Gift Guide

Sometimes, you know exactly what you’re going to buy someone, but we’ve all had to figure out what we’re going to by “that person”. Coming up with gift ideas can be difficult. That’s why I always love to see “gift guides” and see what people have come up with! I decided to create 5 “quick gifts” for the different types of people in your life!

The Fashionista

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 10.31.14 AM

  1. Earrings–These are a great staple to any fashionista’s wardrobe. They are simple, chic, and come in several colors!
  2. Printed Socks–Ok, I know what you’re thinking…”who wants socks?” but I love to show a little printed sock with booties! It adds a little flare to any outfit.
  3. Necklace Set–The great thing about a necklace set like this is that it can instantly dress up any outfit. This is great for a minimalistic look or a more dressed up look.
  4. Puffy Coat–That’s right, they’re back! I love puffy coats in the fall/winter! This is an affordable option that won’t break the bank in case they’re only “back” for one season.
  5. Leopard Boots–I have linked the ones I have from Madewell, because I am confident in the durability and comfort level of them! These are a great neutral to any wardrobe and are a fun way to add a bold print without going over the top.

The Home Decor Lover

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 11.00.24 AM.png

  1. Candle–A candle is a simple gift, but one that lasts a while in a home. Every time someone smells it they’ll think of you! This candle in particular has an amazing smell. The scent is Volcano which is an odd name but I LOVE it.
  2. Vases–This may seem like a really simple gift, but for home decor lovers like myself, this is great. It’s one of those things that I probably won’t buy myself but would love for someone else to buy me ha! They are simple and can be styles in multiple ways.
  3. Picture Frames–These are another gift that work great, because they are multi-functional. Not only are they cute, but they hold photos. A great idea is to put in a picture of you and the person you’re gifting to!
  4. Blanket–This may seem like an odd gift for a home decor lover, however, a great throw can really tie a room together. Not to mention, it makes for a cozy addition for movie night!
  5. Bar Cart Accessories–Now, not everyone has a bar cart, but if they do…this is the perfect addition to it. The minimalistic sleek design is eye catching and classic! These can be functional or just for looks!


The Tech-y

Screen Shot 2019-11-14 at 10.31.34 AM

  1. Wireless Charging Stand–This is great for the tech-y in your life! I have one and it’s perfect for those nights when you don’t want to dig on the floor to find your charger…just me?
  2. Echo Dot–We all know Alexa, well now you can have her in any room without having that bulky nonsense! I love the compact design of the Echo Dot and it will be sure to be a hit for all the tech-ys in your life!
  3. JBL Speaker–This is a waterproof portable bluetooth speaker. I have one and adore it! I love carrying it to tailgates, cookouts, parties, or even the beach!
  4. Dewplanter–This planter takes the humidity in the air and waters your plant for you! Is that not so cool?? If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries!
  5. Crosley Bluetooth Record Player–This is a fun one for all your tech-ys that love a vintage look!


The Coffee Lover


  1. Temperature Control Travel Mug–There’s nothing worse than cold coffee when it’s supposed to be hot! This is a great mug that keeps hot coffee hot! It also fits in a car cupholder!!
  2. Cold Brew Drip Coffee Maker–This is perfect for a drip cold brew that tastes like it came straight from your favorite coffee shop! What I love about this is that you can choose whichever coffee beans you want to create the perfect blend for you!
  3. Coffee Subscription–A coffee subscription is so much fun for a coffee lover! They will get to try new/different coffees from all over!
  4. Coffee Bean Grinder–This would be a great paired gift with number 2! This grinder allows you to grind whole coffee beans to create the freshest brew possible!
  5. Espresso Maker–Espresso your love with this espresso maker! This is a great cheaper alternative to buying an expensive espresso maker. It makes great espressos and is a fraction of the cost!


The Kids


When shopping for the kids I tried to come up with some quick gift ideas for kids that are 7 and older. If you are looking for younger kids gift ideas, Caitlin form The Mama Notes has some great options!

  1. LEGO Hidden Side Shrimp Shack Attack AR–I love this gift idea! If your kids are obsessed with technology, but you are trying to broaden their horizons, this is a great toy. Kids are able to build LEGO worlds and use their smart device to watch it come to life!
  2. UNO Themed Cards–I have linked Mindcraft UNO cards, but really any “themed” UNO card set is great, because the kids are able to play a fun game while also recognizing some of their favorite characters!
  3. Gravity Maze–This is a fun STEM game that helps build critical thinking skills. This game has multiple options to keep your kiddo busy and exercising that brain!
  4. NatGeo Crystal Growing–If your kiddo is interested in rocks, this is a great gift for them! Kids are able to watch crystals form. This set comes with a glowing case and different colors!
  5. Luggage–This gift probably isn’t a “go to” for kids since it isn’t a toy, but it’s a great gift option if your kids travel frequently! Or, if you want to be parent of the year, give them a piece of luggage with tickets to a destination inside 😉!


The Chef


  1. Garlic Peeler/SlicerThe Pampered Chef has great gift ideas for the chef in your life, including this awesome garlic peeler. This allows you to peel garlic without having your hands get dirty! Not to mention it peels and slices garlic!
  2. Mueller Onion Chopper Pro–This thing is A-MAZ-ING! I love how this ultimately saves so much time! This onion chopper allows you to chop onions in multiple ways at the push of a lever and it’s easy to clean.
  3. Pasta Strainer–This is a great addition to all your kitchen tools, because it allows you to simply strain your pasta and allows you to leave it in the sam pot! I, personally, hate going from pot to strainer, back to pot so this is perfect!
  4. Cutting Boards–Ok, we all know how unsanitary it is to use the same cutting board for all of your cutting needs! These cutting boards are labeled for easy use and they’re easy to store!
  5. Pizza & Crust Cutter–This is great for all the pizza loving chefs of the world! It is a pizza cutter and crust cutter all rolled into one!


The One That’s Hard to Shop For


  1. Visa Gift Card–Ok, so some people don’t like to give a gift card during the holiday season (I love getting gift cards haha), but if you’re ok with getting that hard to shop for person a gift card, then a Visa gift card is the way to go. This way they are able to purchase just about anything!
  2. Hydro Flask–I was trying to think of easy gift ideas for people that are hard to buy for and I thought who doesn’t love a reusable water bottle! I’m sure some people don’t, but hey it’s an option!
  3. The Office Gift Set–Side note about this gift idea, I based this idea on trying to think of something the person you’re shopping for likes. For example, my friend is obsessed with The Office, but I don’t know what to buy her so this was a great gift idea! Try thinking of their interests or hobbies!
  4. The Five Minute Journal–This is a great gift idea for just about anyone. It is a journal to help you focus on the good in your life and is even backed by science!
  5. Essential Oil Diffuser–This is a compact essential oil diffuser that you can take with you on the go! It comes in several colors and it even has an auto shut off function!


There you have it–gift ideas for the different people in your life! I hope this helped or at least gave you some ideas! Let me know of any good gift guides you refer to during the holiday season!